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If you have forgotten the password for your account, please enter your account username and confirm your identity below. If the data you type-in matches the information on your identity stored in our database, we will provide you with a new temporary password. The new temporary password will be sent to the e-mail address specified in your account profile. When you receive the e-mail message, we recommend you to log on to the Account Center and choose a new password.

Please note that the form below is intended for recovery of your master password only. You can use the master password for access to this Account Center and the standard trading platform only. If you want to recover or change password for any other platform, please visit the specific platform cabinet page.

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Recovery Challenge: The password recovery question and the answer fields below help us determine your identity. During the registration process you have selected a password recovery question and specified your answer. We now ask you to select the same question and type the same answer as you then specified. We will then match the supplied data with what we have recorded in our database, which will help us verify your identity.

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