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Please find the latest corporate news listed below. The list contains important news that may affect services provided and your daily trading. We kindly ask you to visit this page regularly and stay in touch with the latest developments.

To all AGEA clients,

Please be informed that, after a careful consideration and in coordination with our regulator, we have decided to voluntarily dissolve AGEA International AD.

As an immediate step, we have stopped opening new accounts and stopped accepting new deposits and positions. If you currently hold open positions on any of our platforms, we kindly ask you to close them as soon as possible. On March 20, 2023 we will close all remaining open positions and then stop our trading servers altogether.

After closing open positions, we urge you to withdraw funds from your accounts at AGEA. Please note that our financial position is very strong and there is no risk to any of your deposits.

We thank you for your understanding and please let us know if you have any questions.


AGEA International AD

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